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Is your Windows 8 running Slow?
The Once Defrag In The Start Menu Is Not Gone Just Changed.

These steps will help you defrag your windows 8

  1. Start Up Your Windows 8 To The Start Tiles
    (This Is The Start Menu)
  2. Place Mouse In Top Right Corner To Display The Search Tool
    (The Mouse Hover In Top Right Corner Displays A Few Tools)
  3. Search For dfrgui.exe
  4. Open dfrgui.exe
  5. Select The C: Drive and Click Optimize
  6. Wait A Few Hours And your Done.

‚ÄčNote: This defragment will help with general slowness to some degree. There could be many more problems with your windows 8 machine.

Some Include:

  • Viruses - Our Downloads Section Has Malware Bytes That Is One Of The Best Tools To Remove Virues
  • Windows errors - Software Errors Can Cause Massive Slowness
    • Try: Mouse To Lower Left Corner and Right Click
    • Brings Up Administrator Menu Pannel And Select Event Viewer
    • There The System Logs And Application Logs Can Show You Errors

Any Questions You Can Post Them Here Or E-mail To :

  • Hardware 

    • Ram
    • Or Hard Drive Space
    • Processor Speed
    • To View This Fallow Steps 1 and 2 and then search msinfo32.exe
      • Windows 8 To Run Best Needs A Dual Core Processor and atleast 3 gb of memory and 80 gb hard drive. Does yours Match?
  • Network Errors

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